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Welcome to My Design Space!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Alicia, and I have a passion for creativity - what started as a weekend project flipping a table I found on the curb has transformed into fully creating and customizing my living space on a budget while also using it as a form of artistic expression.

One of the biggest reasons I started exploring design was because I rent an apartment - I can't make grand renovations or even apply a coat of paint. I've had white walls for years, and wanted to find a way to instill my own personality in a space instead of just purchasing low-cost furniture and accents from Ikea. Don't get me wrong - I love Ikea - it's been a life saver for home goods and even my current couch in my space. But my goal was to blend the affordable options with hand-made accents that brought life and interest to my space.

My bedroom features a hand-crafted wood art piece that I made with the help of my boyfriend, Jake.

In this blog, I want to showcase some of my art, as well as the DIY projects I work on - like nightstands, coffee tables, and reupholstering chairs that just need a little TLC.

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